Sunday, February 7, 2010

How Long Can You Store Moet & Chandon Brut Imperial I Bought A Millenium Edition 1993 Brut Imperial Moet & Chandon, How Long Can I Store It ?

I bought a Millenium edition 1993 Brut Imperial Moet & Chandon, How long can I store it ? - how long can you store moet & chandon brut imperial

Well, it is still safe if stored for a further 10 years, under ideal conditions, but age is a champagne. Do you like old Champagne - a dark, roasted flavor .......

This wine is already 14 years - drinking fine now. Why not enjoy your next special event or New Year 08?


Felix said...

If properly maintained, can be stored for a long, long time, but it kind of the purpose of Cava, the crack in the moment and enjoy it, and if you buy something, really old rich, older than you save!

Stuart B said...

If stored vertically in a cool, dry, fine of 5 years or more, but that's not the best vintage for champagne .... is the requirement that all the grapes used Saviogn? Unlike Bordeaux, which can last up to a hundred years is not a wine, champagne long term, and some manufacturers like Krug or Bollinger RD! I want to open this bottle of pop and enjoy it again soon!

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