Friday, January 29, 2010

Virginity Losing Bleeding Video Vagina Still Bleeding After Losing Virginity 2 Days Ago?

Vagina still bleeding after losing virginity 2 days ago? - virginity losing bleeding video

OK, so Sunday night I lost my virginity to my BF for 23 years. (in 17), it was great either way, and it hurt a little. , Is the pain gone, but every time the bathroom I Blood ad in the paper toliet. Im not in my time, so why is bleeding? i herd if you have sex the first time, you have to bleed your cherry, but it is normal that I still bleeding?


Larkin L said...

Yes, that's normal.

Hayley said...

Yeah its quite normal, I lost my virginity 4 years ago n it hurts like you and I was bleeding, but bleeding for a week! It was only the light but, like a pink color, just keep an eye on him and you should be fine =) xx

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